Monday, November 6, 2017

Thanksgiving 30 Day Writing Plan

November already! Wake up!! Where does the time go?

Life is way too busy. Its easy to fall into the trap of being busy and forget sentimental traditions and feelings that go along with the season. I have a lot work to do in this area and decided that I need to be intentional about me being truly thankful this holiday season. Don't get me wrong; I am generally appreciative of everyone and everything in my life. As the years go by it seems to me like another turkey dinner is way too easy to plan and cross off the list. I've been convicted that this is not the attitude that the Lord wants for anyone to have this season and honestly, in all of life.

Recently a friend and I were discussing the mundaneness of life and how holidays feel way too routine. The cooking, the baking and decorating the shopping. What if we took the time daily to reach into the only instruction manual given to us in life (the Bible) for truth and encouragement? What if we made THIS the priority in our days? Would it spill into life? Would it affect how we interact with others and especially loved ones?

Join me as I journal and take time daily to reflect on whole heartedly being thankful.

Open our eyes Lord that we may see wonderful things in your law. Psalm 119:18