Monday, April 17, 2017

The Attitude of Gratitude

My sweet Emily just a few years ago.

This time of year we moms get into survival mode. Springtime brings a flurry of activities and schedule jams. There are days when making a priority list goes out the window because of all of the unknowns that fall into our busy days! Weeks blur together, sleep goes by way to fast and we do things to just get by. I've talked to so many moms just this week who are wondering how they are going to make it until school is out!

I recently came across this short list of ways for moms to look at life when it becomes unmanageable.

This really puts my life in perspective. I get so bogged down with details that I turn tired and negative very quickly. May we all choose to look at our busy schedules as blessings rather than dreaded exhaustion! Chin up can do it!!