Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Priorities and list making.

Well, I am not blogging very regularly as I had originally planned. This time of year always catches me off guard. Keeping up with end of year school projects, calculating final home school hours and grades, gardening, summer planning, spring cleaning, finding summer clothes to fit the kids. (both have grown 2 sizes since last summer!) :-)


I wish I was a better at listing priorities. It seems like for years whatever and whoever was screaming the loudest got my first and foremost attention. Now, in the current stage of life, I don't have such urgency but certain tasks need to be prioritized. I've considered making a master list. Taking the time to write things down and get tasks on paper is a new habit I need to develop.

One of the lessons we are learning in our home is about being direct. No one likes to guess about feelings, moods or tasks needing accomplished. If someone is having a difficult day they need to speak up so others don't take a short abrupt response personally. Clear definitions of expectations and consequences are difficult to achieve sometimes. It's funny how we as parents grow up right along side our children sometimes.

I'm so thankful that our family has open hearts and minds to learn new things and try new ways of improving. It's healthy to have conflict sometimes, but it also healthy to keep trying to improve communication.

I'd love to learn more about how other families prioritize and communicate. Please leave me a comment and tell me how your home works!

                                Live your life walking in His light. #tworship ♪♫•*¨*•.