Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Heart of the Matter

Ken arrived home safely from China! What a relief! He was gone for a few weeks and it seemed like an eternity! A friend told me I should plot on a map where exactly he was so the kids could see and learn about where he was.  I could not bring myself to do it. I didn't want to know how far away he was! It might sound ridiculous - but for me, having no family around and living in the desert, I could not stand to know exactly how very far away he was.  I can tell you that when he returned it was truly the feeling of Christmas in our home and extreme joy in my heart! We are SO happy he is back!

Hong Kong 
Hong Kong Night view from 33 stories UP

So far the only pictures I have seen have been from Hong Kong. Ken and his co workers flew in and out of this major city on their trip. Their destination was a 90 minute fairy ride plus a one hour shuttle ride from Hong Kong. 

Our first stop after picking him up from his long return trip was Outback Steakhouse. He could not wait to sink his teeth into some cooked American food! He likes seafood a lot....but not so much as he would want to eat it raw and every day. Oddly enough, Kentucky Fried Chicken has a large presence where he was. Seems like one extreme to another as we don't frequent fast food at all at home. It was nice to have the option though. 

Ken has spent much of the last few days asleep and attempting to overcome jet lag. It has been funny to see the kids sit near him just to simply be with him even if he was in dreamland. Emily built puzzles on the floor next to him and kept covering him up. Josh did some schoolwork near his dad just to be close to him. For me, words cannot describe how happy I am that he is home! Sleeping has been returning to normal as I don't sleep very well while he is gone. Prayerfully he won't have to go back to China for a while. We selfishly prefer him to be home with us! :-)