Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Fever!

Well, it's official. Our family has spring fever! Finally, we are on Spring Break next week! It seems like the whole country has been on Spring Break before us! We are so used to being off of school the week immediately following Easter. I guess this is just the way it has always been done in New England.

What a great feeling to be off school for a week! Our weather is supposed to warm up next week, the baby house wrens on the front porch have just hatched, the grass is greening up, heavy coats are being put away, the forest floor in the back of our house is slowly being covered with greenery! I love spring!
Two days ago we heard a mountain lion calling his/her mate out there! It was 10pm and I was taking Buddy out for the last time of the evening. I am so glad that we have not started the habit of sending him out alone. As soon as I opened the garage door we immediately heard the lion and he was very close by!! Buddy barked and we b-lined back inside and closed the garage door fast! I cracked open the sliding glass door so Ken could hear how close the lion was. He sounded way too close for our comfort!

A few nights prior to this Joshua heard several coyotes in the back yard at 3 am. It is safe to say the animals have emerged from the long winter!

So what are our plans for Spring Break? Catch up on rest, spring cleaning projects, a trip to the library, activities with friends, a trip to the mall, play outside, move a few plants in the flower bed and go fishing!

Ken is leaving for China next week on business and we are planning to spend as much quality time as possible with him before he is gone for 2 full weeks. He will be working durning the day next week but we will be home and can enjoy him when he gets home.  I dread the time when he is away. It does not happen very often, so I really do have to be thankful for that. Please don't even remind me how far away China is because it makes me miss him even more!