Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Break!

Last week was our spring break week from school here in New England. It seems so late compared to everyone else in the country! This year my parents invited us to join them in South Carolina. Unfortunately, Ken could not join us due to work obligations, but the kids and I were able to go.

Love Delta Mileage Points!

What a blessing to have the opportunity to spend some quality time with my parents and build some memories with them both! As time marches forward, we are all very aware that spending time with parents and grandparents is a delicate process.

My parents have traveled to the Charleston area for many years in the springtime. They have tried so many different activities and know all the good places to stay and fun things to do! We stayed on the Isle of Palms all the way at the end of the island! What a beautiful place!

Both of them were teachers at one time and it was cute to see them plan out our educational adventures everyday. Charleston is very beautiful and is extremely rich with history. Josh loved the architectural parts, history and food. Emily loved the all of the flowers and the horses. We took a narrated carriage tour around Charleston, then shopped at the city market.

"Steve" the horse. :-)

Trumpet flowering tree!

We took a ferry out to Fort Sumter and learned all about it's construction and the significant historical events that happened there.

Another day we toured Magnolia Plantation and witnessed first hand the beauty of the ol' south. Spring was in full bloom and all of us were in awe of how gorgeous it is there.



We had a wonderful visit with my parents in the south. It was a much needed break and change of scenery. Our weather was great and the memories we made with them are priceless.