Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wintery Sights and Smells.

Yesterday we had a beautiful snowfall. It was the kind of snow with the big puffy flakes that looks like someone shook up the snow globe! It was a wet snow and did not stick to anything but the trees and grassy surfaces. The roads were just wet which made me very happy because I have been sliding in bad weather lately. It might be time for new tires!

Our backyard.

The snowfall put Emily and I into a Christmas cookie baking mood. The Christmas carols were playing and we got to work right after dinner. Emily is turning out to be a great baker! She is a perfectionist and remembers all of the tips and tricks I've been teaching her throughout these last few years of baking together. The smells from the kitchen along with scene outside was wonderful. We even lured Joshua into the kitchen with us to help decorate cookies, which he really loves to do.


We only had time to do a single recipe last night of press cookies. I had forgotten that the whole family loves red hots (aka: cinnamon imperials) to eat and decorate the cookies with. We had a few leftover from last year, thankfully, but I'll definitely need to pick up some more as our baking has only just begun!

I'm so thankful for this time of year. We so need the different pace, different look and renewed spirit of Christ in our hearts and lives. A dear friend reminded me that our

"Days are falling into weeks, which are tumbling into months, which are snowballing into years!"

This is so true. These beautiful children the Lord has given to us are growing up way to fast. This year may we all stop and take the time to enjoy beautiful moments that occur unexpectedly. These unexpected blessings might just be the very things that linger in the hearts and minds of our family for the years to come.